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Lawn Scarifier – This handy scarifier is very effective in improving the condition of your lawn, with much less effort than using a traditional spring tine rake. Utilising a cylinder with knife tines that cut into or brush the surface of the lawn it removes dead leaves and thatch allowing air and light to get through. Made from powder coated steel with a handle that extends from 97cm (3’2) to 1.5m (5′) for ease of use. 5 STAR RATING from Garden Answers – Removing thatch was quick and easy.FREE RAPID GREEN POUCH – An innovative and unique new lawn seed that truly is the all-in-one solution to achieving the perfect lawn! Self-repairs in just 7-10 days! Rhizomes and stolons on the roots multiply to create a strong mesh which fuels each blade of grass to regenerate, allowing damaged areas to repair themselves! Covers 24 square metres for a new lawn or 30 square metres for a lawn repair. All-in-one solution to the perfect lawn! 625g lawn seed worth 9.99 – FREE!

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