Eliet E401 Honda GP160 Petrol Lawn Scarifier


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Product Description

The E401 professional lawn scarifier is the smallest in the Eliet range and is a robust dethatching machine for life, capable of providing outstanding performance. This model is powered by a renowned 4hp Honda GP160 engine. The 40cm operating width of the Eliet E401 makes it suitable for small and medium-sized gardens. Its sturdy construction makes this petrol lawn scarifier indestructible thanks to the robot-welded steel chassis, strong wheels with natural rubber tyres and dust-proof bearings with shield plates. The ingenious belt coupling reduces belt wear to a minimum and extends its working life considerably. The Eliet E401 is equipped with a set of 14 fixed Permanently Sharp Blades™. Just like every Eliet dethatching machine, the Eliet E401 has an unrivalled raking efficiency, so that you can ventilate your lawn in the approved manner. As the Eliet E401 is light and manoeuvrable, it can be used on every single square centimetre of your lawn. Thanks to the infinitely variable depth adjustment, you can set the working depth extremely accurately. The spacious moss collection bag saves you from spending time tidying up. The handle of the machine can be easily folded away, minimising the storage space in your garage and making it easy to transport in your car. The most important part of the scarifier is the knife drum which is hidden underneath the machine. Here again, Eliet makes the difference. This ensures that the owner of an Eliet scarifier will always be able to benefit from a longer blade life and take pride in the fact that the machine is always working at maximum efficiency. Over more than 25 years, Eliet has developed three blade types – fixed, loose and double cut – each with their own qualities. It is therefore important to choose the blades that are best suited to the type of lawn you usually work on. The blades are fixed to a hexagonal steel shaft and assembled in a spiral pattern. Wear-resistant nylon spacers secure the blades or blade holders (in the case of loose blades) firmly in position. The dustproof bearings on which the knife drum is suspended in the housing are always equipped with extra cover plates, providing additional protection against sand and flying clippings. THE TECHNOLOGY Fixed Blades The Eliet E401 is fitted with 14 blades which are securely fixed to the drum knife. The heavy duty blades are 3mm thick, which means they can take a knock or two. Each blade has two sharp cutting edges. The blades are spaced 2cm from each other. You can tackle virtually any lawn with these robust blades. Permanently Sharp Blades™ for a splendid lawn Every Eliet dethatching machine is equipped as standard with Permanently Sharp Blades™. As a result of this blade concept developed for Eliet, the blades are specially treated so that they retain their sharp cutting edge during their working life. As these blades always remain sharp, you can wear them fully down without sacrificing efficiency. Eliet blades are guaranteed to have a minimum working life of 100 hours. You can only perform dethatching work properly when you use Permanently Sharp Blades™ from Eliet, and not when using other blades. A good surface treatment has nothing at all to do with depth. The main objective is to ensure that all of the moss and weeds are perfectly raked up to the surface so that they can then quickly be gathered or sucked up. This is the only way to ensure that your lawn surface is in peak condition. In a dense and airy lawn, the grass roots are less susceptible to drying out. Eliet dethatching machines are therefore the best dethatching machines for your lawn. The importance of sharp blades During the dethatching work, the blades must grip, rake up and raise the layer of thatch and moss underneath your lawn. In this respect, the edge of the blade plays a crucial role. Many blades become blunt after being used for a few hours, and consequently lose their capacity to grip. This results in the operator easily being inclined to adjust the machine so that it operates deeper. However, this has a destructive effect. Blunt blades can no longer cut, but instead dig up a lot of earth and soil. The grass roots are also subjected to irreversible damage and the machine is more susceptible to wear.

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