MTD VG40BM Petrol Lawn Scarifier / Aerator (Special Offer)

Price: £ 419.00

To maintain a green and healthy lawn frequent scarifying is required. As soon as dead plants and weeds form a layer of thatch, the healthy rich green colour of your lawn disappears. MTD scarifiers with their specially developed fixed steel blades remove moss and dead plants carefully and efficiently. The aerating of the ground also enables your lawn to absorb sufficient moisture and nutrients to grow healthy. The MTD VG40BM Petrol Lawn Scarifier / Aerator has a 40cm/16″” working width and an advanced MTD Thorx 3.5 hp engine. The depth of the scarifying process can be centrally adjusted by a single lever to suit conditions and the ergonomically designed handles are fully foldable for compact storage or easy transportation in the boot of your car. A fabric catcher is included as standard for collecting debris and this model also features a rear metal deflector for safe use without the collection facility. The MTD VG40BM boasts a robust steel deck and weighs 31kg. LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE>>SAVE £100! FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY ON SCARFIER / 2 YEARS ON ENGINE.

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