Scarifiers for lawns

To ensure a healthy green lawn each year it is normally necessary to aerate your turf so as to promote a healthy covering of grass whilst clearing out. This process is called scarification and scarifying is carried out with the use of scarifiers for lawns.

Anyone who values their garden and wants a great looking lawn knows that scarifying is necessary each year. Besides, watching all those clumps of moss and weed disappear is extremely satisfying!

When to scarify a lawn

scarifiers for lawns

moss can ruin a lawn

Usually the best time for scarifying is during the Spring when grass is growing well. It is worth noting however that if you start too early and the grass isn’t growing quickly enough, you will find the spaces cleared filling up with the weeds and moss that you previously removed.

The whole reason for scarifying is to promote a healthier and stronger lawn so make sure this is the first part of your lawn maintenance plan. This annual job should then be followed by the spreading of fertiliser and any necessary lawn seeding.

If you forget to scarify and have already jumped forward to the lawn dressing and feeding stage, it is probably worth leaving any scarification until the Autumn.

Size does matter so if you only have a tiny piece of lawn to maintain you don’t need a machine, you can simply use a good strong lawn rake and work a few calories off!

Scarifying by hand is very hard work when done manually so most people opt for one of the entry level lawn rakes or electric lawn scarifiers.

It goes without saying that for larger lawns and areas of land you will need to look into buying a petrol lawn scarifier or perhaps some towed garden machinery for use with tractors and larger equipment.

These lawn scarifiers are just a selection of a wide range of machines available and give a great overview of the types of models available and price choices.